So, you’re planning to expand your business to Europe, and it’s your job to grasp the ins and outs of all of its countries and cultures, languages and legislations, rules and regulations …

And on top of all this, make sure your valuable products get the care and attention they deserve and reach your customers exactly how and when they expect them to. In other words: reliable warehousing, e-fulfillment, trans-European shipping, and much, much more!

But where to begin, right? No wonder it’s such a headache for companies to make the jump across the pond.

No worries. TLogistics has your back every step of the way. We remove the hurdles and headaches, freeing you up to focus fully on your core activities. Total peace of mind!

Selecting the right European logistics partner

But how can you be sure you’re selecting the right European fulfillment partner for your company? A good question and one we believe TLogistics offers the answers to …

The Netherlands –  your gateway to Europe

First and foremost, TLogistics is based in the Netherlands, which in itself is a huge bonus.

The Netherlands is centrally located within Europe – after all, we are talking logistics, e fulfillment, and trans European shipping. It’s home to Europe’s largest seaport (Rotterdam), one of its foremost airports (Schiphol), and its second largest internet exchange (AMS-IX). Not to mention direct access to Europe’s road and rail networks.

How it works

The Netherlands it is then, but why TLogistics?

So, language won’t be a problem – our whole team speaks fluent English, and we speak several other European languages, too. But at TLogistics it goes much further than just breaking down language barriers …

The majority of our loyal clients are already based all around the globe. We understand the challenges you face when doing business in Europe.

But, more importantly, we know how to overcome these challenges as we’ve done for many companies before yours.

Our size, structure & systems

When you partner with TLogistics, you get the best of both worlds. We’re a medium-sized, family-run company, which means we’re flexible and agile, like a small company, with a flat organizational structure and direct lines of communication – even to our CEO Ad van Beurden. But we also pack the punch of larger companies thanks to the heavy investments we’ve made in our logistics and e-fulfillment systems.

Our expertise & experience

We don’t want to be a “jack of all trades, a master of none”. Nor would you entrust your precious products to such a logistics and/or e-fulfillment company.

That’s why we’ve carved out a niche in luxury goods fulfillment, specializing in Beauty, Merchandising, Health & Nutrition, and Lifestyle products, to meet your specific needs.

Our outlook & mentality

But your company and your products are unique. We know no two companies are the same, which is why we tailor each and every solution to your B2B and/or B2C business’s specific needs and requirements.

Add to this our extensive European network of shipping partners and we aim to meet, if not exceed your and your customers’ every expectation.

Culturally and commercially, the Netherlands has been a trading nation for centuries. It’s in our DNA. As a result, we’re incredibly internationally minded and offer overseas companies lucrative tax breaks.

What’s more, we excel in our command of the English language, ranking No. 1 among our fellow Europeans year in, year out.

And we care! Not only about you and your products, but also for our people and our planet.

You already know that one of the biggest headaches about expanding to Europe – if you’re in the Beauty industry – is the issue of a ‘Responsible Person’ (RP). Well, guess what! Bye-bye headaches – TLogistics relieves you of all these bureaucratic burdens for good. We’ve got you covered!
Where comestibles and perishables are concerned, you almost need more than a 100% guarantee from your fulfillment partner. Expiration dates, refrigerated storage, ultra-hygienic conditions. It’s no joking matter! Which is why we take health & nutrition very seriously at TLogistics.
Building your brand in Europe when you’re on the other side of the world is no mean feat. Snooze, you lose! Speed, agility, and flexibility are of the essence.
That’s why TLogistics scores every time. Rely on us to be your very own remote rapid-response team!
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No two luxury lifestyle products are the same. And as often as not, they each have their own set of special requirements.
Our agility, flexibility, and dedication are how TLogistics helps lifestyle companies meet the needs of their products and customers.
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