Fiscal Representation

Value added tax (VAT) can quickly become a nightmare for any company based outside of Europe looking to supply goods and/or services to and throughout Europe. And we’re only touching on the tip of the iceberg when we list issues such as VAT registration, import VAT (on entry into the EU), intracommunity VAT (from the Netherlands to other EU countries), VAT deferment, VAT returns, EC Sales Lists (ESLs), Intrastat declarations … if and when applicable!


No wonder most non-European companies seek Fiscal Representation. We provide General Fiscal Representation (GFR). GFR involves taking care of every aspect of your VAT administration and obligations to and within Europe (for both B2C and B2C transactions), specifically VAT registration and licensing in the Netherlands and subsequent intracommunity settlements to the rest of the EU. Not forgetting import VAT deferment, which has huge cashflow and interest benefits. Fiscal Rep BV

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