Who doesn’t love a good origin , or backstory right?

Grab a coffee (or a tea if you’re so inclined) , sit back, and find out how we became one of Europe’s leading e-fulfillment companies.


It all began on a spring day back in 2010. Two logistics experts, Ad van Beurden and Florent Claassen, were discussing how they thought e-commerce would evolve over the next decade or so. And along with it, e-fulfillment. Yet not only how they would ‘evolve’ – how they would change the world as we knew it. Being men of more than mere words, but deeds as well, they founded a company based on their shared vision. And so TLogistics was born – with Ad at the helm ­– ­near Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands, Europe’s logistics heartland.

First foothold

At first, TLogistics focused on providing e-fulfillment services to local and regional clients within the Netherlands. And very successfully may we add. Yet Ad began to feel a pull from farther afield. After all, his roots lay in international business and before long (2013) the first of many overseas clients came on board ­– Amazon Beauty Inc., a New York-based beauty products company operating under the name Rahua.

Onward & upward

Ad soon realized that TLogistics’ strength and future lay in providing companies around the world with a gateway to the whole of Europe for their products. Ad and Florent’s shared 2010 vision was beginning to pan out. And TLogistics began to grow, attracting the attention of other companies that soon joined the TLogistics family. In 2014, Jorn Versteijnen became TLogistics’ third shareholder, bringing with him invaluable expertise and experience in international e-fulfillment, systems, and IT.

TLogistics hit a significant milestone in 2016 when it rolled out a new warehouse management system – TLogistics’ quality and service levels skyrocketed to a whole new level, promoting it to the big league.

Bring it on!

A decade or so later, TLogistics is riding the wave that Ad and Florent predicted would surge. As a company, it’s growing ever stronger while staying true to its origins as a family-owned business ­– lean, agile, flexible, and above all client-focused.

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