Sustainability. Another case of greenwashing and making ourselves sound better than we are for the corporate social responsibility section of our annual report?

No! Much more than a mere buzzword.

Although we’re not 100% sustainable in everything we do, we certainly take and make every opportunity to be as sustainable as humanly possible. And we help you do the same.

A new world order!

Fact is, you simply can’t afford not to take action anymore. Public opinion has turned. Older and younger generations alike are demanding change and taking their hard-earned dollars elsewhere whenever companies fail to act responsibly and do business sustainably.

In the world of e-commerce and e-fulfillment, the archvillain is packaging. In 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that packaging accounts for about 30% of all household waste. And most packaging is plastic. Given that we only recycle about 9% of all plastics, guess where the rest ends up! Rivers, oceans, landfills … need we say more? Not only does this harm the environment, but it also harms your company’s image and reputation. How come? Who hasn’t ordered a product online, only to be infuriated by an oversized box with either one tiny item rattling around inside it or multiple items all individually and overly packaged?

So, who or what’s the hero in this story? That would be sustainable fulfillment – reduced waste, responsible packaging, intelligent shipment planning, and consumer education.

We can do this, together …

You’re not alone in overcoming this challenge. TLogistics is here to help …

  • no plastics in shipments to consumers
  • right-sized packaging – matching size to its contents and eliminating excess materials and fillers
  • ecofriendly packaging – using biodegradable recycled and/or renewable materials that are easy and enviroment friendly to dispose of

But there’s more …

We’re not naïve enough to believe it’s just about packaging. It goes much further than that. It’s about doing business responsibly. It’s about being accountable. It’s the triple bottom line­ – people (social), planet (environment), and profit (economic).

So, what does TLogistics do to contribute to a greener planet?


Clean, well-organized, as plastic free as possible (with all the beauty products we store, it actually smells nice!)


We use electric forklifts only, recharged using green electricity (so, no fumes and your beauty products stay smelling nice!)


85% of our staff are female and we’re truly international (Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Iranian, Polish, and Filipino to name but a few)


60% of our staff cycle to work in the summer


We use recycled paper for our paper-based packaging & we recycle all waste packaging materials

We partner with delivery companies who’re also working hard to reduce their footprints, such as DHL
We buy locally

We invoice electronically

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