TLogistics takes care of the logistics process for companies, to the finest details. This means that our expert employees receive the products, inspect, store and prepare these for delivery. But that is not all! We like to make an extra effort for our customers and think along with you on how we can meet and exceed your additional requirements.

TLogistics is specialized in fulfillment and we serve amongst others the following sectors:

  • Technology | Consumer electronics
  • Media products
  • Beauty | Health Care
  • Fashion & Apparel | Accessories
  • Lifestyle products


(Web shop) logistics is not all about correct receipt, reliable storage and correct delivery of your goods, it’s also about the extra mile. Therefore, you can expect a large scale of extra services from us, our so called Value Added Logistics and Value Added Services. These include all secondary (production) activities that can be necessary before the product is ready for shipping. For example:

  • Wrapping, packaging, re-packaging or bundling
  • Labeling or pricing
  • Sealing
  • Quality control
  • Re-conditioning
  • Fiscal representation
  • Order management
  • Custom activities
  • Invoicing and payment

To sub-contract the logistics of your company? TLogistics supports.


When we receive your products in our warehouse, we check each article not just for (external visible) damage but, if necessary, we also perform a quality check. Is the color and size correct and is the shipment complete? Subsequently we carefully store the product in our secured warehouse with temperature controlled atmosphere. Before we send the article to your customer, we take care of the packaging, the product is applied with labels or price tags, assemble (international) orders or put together parts for a final product. In other words: all stored goods at TLogistics are treated customer-oriented. We like to listen to your requirements.

Our cases


TLogistics: your logistics partner in fashion, apparel and accessories

When you say fashion, you have to say it fast. The fashion industry is always on the run and also expects this of a logistics partner. Our employees can easily keep up with this speed and ensure that each garment is delivered in the correct way. And return items are optimized quickly to ensure a new delivery.

“The models of Happyskirtt are named after icons Kelly, Hepburn and Monroe. They represent, just as we, style, charism and quality. TLogistics treats our icons as they are supposed to be treated.”.


TLogistics: your logistics partner in lifestyle products

We carefully check your lifestyle products before storage. The delivery of the articles is done correctly and fast, at the desired time and location of your customer. You can rely on our employees. With our Warehouse Management System, we ensure structural delivery times and a live review of your stock.

“The timeless products of House in Style are made of honest, pure and natural materials. Quality is what we stand for. Therefore, we selected TLogistics.”


TLogistics: your logistics partner in beauty and health care

For beauty products and medical products advanced logistics are essential. Short lines, strict hygiene regulations and a conditioned warehouse are only a number of the requirements that this sector imposes on a logistics partner. Our locations have been set up accordingly. Our employees act quickly so your product is delivered correctly.

“Beauty is not just a quality product at JohnBeerens.com, it is an experience: ‘Delivering Beauty’. We do this in cooperation with TLogistics.”

Sphero of Orbotix

TLogistics: your logistics partner in technology

Your customers expect a reliable delivery time. Apart from efficiency, the logistics of technological products and consumer electronics also require carefulness of our team. Our warehouse complies with the strict security requirements in order to ensure the safety of your valuable products. Our expert employees ensure that the product is delivered in accordance with your requirements.

The Sphero of Orbotix has to be treated with safety and care. TLogistics guarantees the safety and we can rely on the carefulness of their employees.

Our Clients

  • John Beerens
  • Princess
  • Sphero
  • Amazon Beauty
  • Ikari Cosmetics
  • Happyskirtt
  • House in Style
  • EnviroScent