Covid update

Covid-19 has flared up again in this part of the world and therefore on November 12th our PM announced new measures for a period of initially 3 weeks. These measures include a so called lockdown-light in order to get a grip on the fast growing number of Covid cases. On that particular day there were 16.500 confirmed cases reported and yesterday (nov 22nd) this number has increased to little over 23.000 confirmed cases which is in fact the highest number since February 2020.

The Netherlands is with a vaccination rate of almost 83% aged 12 and older, one of the leading European counties from a vaccination point of view. However that still leaves 17% of a 17,5mio population not vaccinated and 4 out of 5 cases reported are non-vaccinated people.

Of course it’s unsure if these measures will only last 3 weeks and looking at the alarmingly fast rising number of cases it is questionable that these measures will in fact be sufficient. The Dutch government has warned us to strictly adhere to those measures because otherwise they will be forced to take even more dramatic measures. A full lockdown and 2G (2G = measure which allows only Vaccinated and Covid recovered people to enter restaurants, bars, events, etc.) are being considered.

So far for TLogistics it’s business as usual and we will continue to provide you with our services as “normal” as we possibly can. The bigger challenge right now is the severe shortage on the labor market making it extremely difficult to find available and qualified personnel, a struggle for many businesses in all industries. Of course we will do our utmost to make sure this does not affect you or your customers.

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Ad van Beurden (CEO)