As a(n) (international) company you are looking for a logistics service provider that matches your culture and has the correct knowledge of logistics service provision within Europe. TLogistics, as fulfillment specialist, offers customized solutions and ensures that your company is ready within no time to reach your customers inside and outside of Europe.

The logistics of your company is important. For you but also for your customers. Research shows that the delivery of an order, also called ‘last mile’, has a strong influence on the customer’s satisfaction and repeat purchases of the consumer. As final link in the contact between your company and the customer the logistics should be organized correctly. TLogistics will support you with this and will take care of the whole process – from receipt till delivery worldwide – so you can commit yourself to purchasing, selling and marketing activities.


To sub-contract the logistics of your company? TLogistics supports.


Packages delivered


TLogistics takes care of your complete logistics with a no-nonsense attitude. From one stock location we fulfill both B2C as B2B customer orders, inside and outside of Europe. From receipt to delivery: the logistics processes of your company are in experts hands with our enthusiastic team.

  • TLogistics receives the products, inspects all these for relevant specifications and takes care of storage in our well organized warehouse;
  • Our expert employees pack every order manually. Therefore, it is possible to give your product a personal touch;
  • Subsequently the package is delivered to your customer through the most appropriate carrier;
  • All services regarding the delivery, such as repeated offering, are provided by TLogistics. This also applies for return shipments and the reconditioning of products.


Whether it concerns a large number of consumer orders or one or several units per order, or assembled orders of piece goods for retailers, at TLogistics we offer you both services under one roof. You will provide both B2C as B2B customers from one stock location. Cheap, efficient and orderly!

Every day our employees strive for the best quality with full energy. They are flexible and can adjust quickly to your requirements. Customized solutions and expert advice are common knowledge at TLogistics. Supported by our professional Warehouse Management System we control the complex processes of the current web shop logistics.

TLogistics: fast, accurate and efficient

Do you notice that the logistics of your website is at the expense of your growth? Make a conscious decision to shorten the delivery time, to increase customer’s satisfaction and to focus on the essence of your shop, while TLogistics takes care of the logistics for you, fast, accurate and efficient.


"The timeless products of House in Style are made of honest, pure and natural materials. Quality is what we stand for. Therefore, we selected TLogistics."  
"Interior perfumes with the smallest possible ecological footprint, that is the vision of EnviroScent. Our commitment goes further than our products and smells; we improve our packaging and the logistics process. TLogistics understands our vision."
"With a unique, rotating movement the RollerSurfer will take you forwards. Thanks to TLogistics our logistics also run smoothly."